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Since 2009 our objective has been to encourage and motivate people from all walks of life to live healthier lifestyles by staying active and enjoying the great outdoors. After all we have one of the best playgrounds in the world – Natures gym!

In partnership with some of our awesome sponsors the interACTIVE Series is all about encouraging people around New Zealand to get outside and stay active albeit a bit different from the conventional event participation format.

The twelve week series is all about getting staying active whilst enjoying the great outdoors and throwing in a few incentives in association with our key partners to keep you on your toes!

The first activity week is going to be FREE for all enjoy and all those who register and participate will go in the draw to win one of one hundred FREE activity passes to take part in the remaining eleven weeks of the series.

All you need and want to know…

The series offers a variety of different activities available to everyone across all age categories around New Zealand inc: walking, running, cycling, paddling and keepfit.

At the time of registration you’ll complete an online registration form and submit your personal details whilst at the same time create a personal LOGIN account using your username and password.

Once you have completed and submitted the online registration form you’ll be able to login to your personal activity account and select your chosen activity and upload a photo.

There are two registration options whereby you can choose to take part on a weekly basis with a weekly $6 activity fee *(inc merchant fee) or you can choose to enter the twelve week series with a series activity fee of $66 *(inc merchant fee) whereby both options will contribute to the management of the series and as the series increases in popularity and participation numbers grow a percentage of participants registration fees will be donated to an associated charity. Individuals can enter just one, several or all events during the weekly – twelve week series with all those taking part in seven of twelve weekly events going in the draw to win major spot prizes…

At the time of registration, participants will be required to upload a photo of their activity time whilst enjoying the outdoors or screenshot of their activity time and environment from a digital device. There might be times where you’re under the pump and cant get outside. During these occasions find your happy place, be creative by doing something that will motivate you to increase your pulse rate and encourage you to get out when you can…

During each activity week there are no set timeframes for participation. Simply, get outside and enjoy your favourite pastime when you have time!

At the end of each activity week all participants details and uploads will be entered in to an activity database whereby participants in their chosen activity and respective age categories will go in to a random electronic draw *(for each activity age category) thus activating an opportunity for everyone to be in with a chance of winning some awesome spot prizes from our associated partners.

A spot prize winner from each age group from the four different activities will be randomly electronically drawn creating *thirty two prizes each week across eight age categories participating in three events inc: Under 10’s, 10-15yrs, 16-39yrs, 40-49yrs, 50-59yrs, 60-69yrs, 70yrs plus.

As participation numbers grow over time so will the volume of spot prizes in each activity age category.

This series is all about participation not competition whilst enjoying the great outdoors…

Have fun out there!